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Marie Warner is founder and President of Warner Professional Sales. Warner Professional Sales helps companies achieve sales force success through people, performance and planning. Warner Professional Sales helps companies get more revenue growth from their sales force by recruiting the right sales staff, 2) training and developing those sales professionals to consistently exceed revenue goals, and helping management to define and implement the best sales "process" and tactics for sales cycle control, territory assignments and quota planning.

Marie brings to client engagements over two-decades of leadership in the sale of technology, consulting and financial products and services to the Fortune 1000 and major financial institutions. This includes nine years of experience as Chief Sales Officer, in both enterprise-level and start-up organizations.

Marie Warner has authored articles in Mass High Tech, SalesResources.com, SalesVantage.com, EyesOnSales.com, Software Sales Journal, SalesDoctors, and Women’s Business  and has been interviewed by Forbes.com on successful sales strategies and tactics. She is a member of NETSEA (New England Technology Sales Executives Association), NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners); The Commonwealth Institute, NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services), and Founder and Director of Boston Women ConnectSM. Marie is also a CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, and participates in numerous other entrepreneurial, technology and marketing organizations.

Marie Warner can be reached by email at mwarner@warnerprosales.com or phone at (617)489-4528.

Do You Expect to Win the Game with Only Half a Team?

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Is your sales team operating at “full strength”, or are you struggling to exceed your goals with a fraction of the sales professionals needed to meet plan?

Just as a hockey misconduct penalty removes a player from the ice, giving the opposing team an advantage,revenue shortfalls and competitive losses are inevitable without a fully staffed sales team to share the quota burden. And like hockey, the entire sales team suffers.

Many companies respond to this staffing gap by aggressively pursuing new sales talent, hiring internal recruiting teams to “poach” from competitors, and launching social media campaigns designed to transform their company brand to that of a “destination employer.” Yet these initiatives ignore a single, critical obstacle to building that full strength, 100% productive team. There is no strategy to retain the current valuable sales professionals.

In May of this year, the Department of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. “quit rate”, the percentage of workers voluntarily quitting their jobs, had reached levels not seen since 2001. With the economy booming and historically low unemployment rates, many workers – including sales professionals – have greater confidence that there is a better job out there, or have already landed a new position. What’s more, the churn rate for sales professionals from both voluntary and non-voluntary resignations is historically twice the rate of other workers.

Do you give your best performers a reason to quit - or to stay?

Many companies focus on recruiting, onboarding and orientation of a new sales hire. New sales team members receive training in sales process, sales tools and company offerings, supplemented with sales playbooks and certification programs. All great initiatives – but these offer no benefit nor engagement for your current sales team members.

Don't let your sales talent walk out the door!

Just as the cost of acquiring a new client greatly exceeds the cost of keeping an existing client in the fold, the cost of recruiting, training and ramping up a new sales professional far exceeds the cost of retaining the talent already on your team.

To engage their current sales team members, sales organizations must place an equal if not greater emphasis on Reboarding – developing, enabling and coaching their emerging and veteran sales professionals - both sales reps and their managers.

Keeping the sales performers that you have has a far greater ROI than continuously trying to find unproven replacements.

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