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Marie Warner is founder and President of Warner Professional Sales, LLC. Warner Professional Sales helps companies achieve sales force success through people, performance and planning. Warner Professional Sales helps companies get more revenue growth from their sales force by recruiting the right sales staff, 2) training and developing those sales professionals to consistently exceed revenue goals, and helping management to define and implement the best sales "process" and tactics for sales cycle control, territory assignments and quota planning.

Marie brings to client engagements over two-decades of leadership in the sale of technology, consulting and financial products and services to the Fortune 1000 and major financial institutions. This includes nine years of experience as Chief Sales Officer, in both enterprise-level and start-up organizations.

Marie Warner has authored articles in Mass High Tech, SalesResources.com, SalesVantage.com, EyesOnSales.com, Software Sales Journal, SalesDoctors, and Women’s Business  and has been interviewed by Forbes.com on successful sales strategies and tactics. She is a member of NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services), and Founder and CEO of Boston Women Connect. Marie is certified as a Sales Assessment Consultant with Objective Management Group (OMG) and is also a CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, and participates in numerous other entrepreneurial, technology and marketing organizations.

Marie Warner can be reached by email at  mwarner@warnerprosales.com or phone at (617)489-4528.

Does Your Sales Recruiting Process Make the Grade?

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I just heard from a candidate (Let’s call him ‘Tim’; that is not his real name) who was the finalist for a Senior Client Service Management role at a fast-growing media technology firm. To clarify, this was not my referral, my client nor my search engagement – which is some relief when you hear this cringe-worthy story. Tim (who I knew from past work projects) called to ask for my advice – and to let me know that his hunt for a new job was still ongoing.

Here’s what happened.

Tim was interviewed by all four members of the senior management team of the media company, and ‘wowed’ everyone. Each executive agreed that an offer would be forthcoming. They told Tim as much and wished him a good vacation. A verbal offer was extended (informally – still some “details to work out”) and a written offer letter would be waiting when he and his family returned from the beach.

But wait. There was one final step – an interview with the CEO, who would then huddle with the company co-founder to “rubber-stamp” the offer. Tim had an engaging interview with the CEO, and once again he was told the formal offer would be made. Tim happily left for a relaxing vacation on Cape Cod with his family, looking forward to the new job and a future career with a dynamic company, working with savvy colleagues.

Upon his return home, there was no offer letter awaiting Tim’s signature. He called the firm for an update, and was told that the CEO and co-founder disagreed on the definition and responsibilities of the role, and therefore the verbal offer was withdrawn.

What does this grim story tell you about this firm’s recruiting process (and their integrity)? While this seems an extreme example, how does your company’s sales recruiting process measure up? Take this quick test (it takes just 60 seconds to complete) to grade your firm’s Recruiting Process. This test also offers comprehensive milestones for any effective recruiting process. Please keep it. I really don’t want to hear more stories like Tim’s.

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